Wes' Biggest 'Challenge' Weapon? His Ego

CT seems to be holding the crown for resident "Rivals" hothead, especially after starting a 9-hour verbal standoff with Wes during last night's episode. But even though CT threatened to make a snack out of Wes' face, that doesn't mean the former Austin Real Worlder is a little lamb either. Wes hasn't exactly been rolling through this competition on innocence--instead, the veteran "Challenge" contestant has been using his sizable ego as extra padding to get through the games.

To prove that while CT is the king of crazy, Wes has the role of cockiest covered, we put together a few of his self-indulgent gems from the past episodes. Whether it's complimenting his own body or chucking insults at someone else, we think you'll see (if you haven't already) that Wes has one thing figured out: He's the best.

On Mandi's attraction to CT: "Mandi obviously looks good. She would probably be my No. 1 target if I was going for anybody, but she is acting like CT's groupie, which is quite possibly one of the most disappointing things I have seen in a long time."

Trying to throw off CT: "I intimidate you, don't I?"

Asking Mandi to explain CT's sex appeal: "He's one of the most horrible human beings that has ever been a part of anything, and you want to flirt with him?"

On Kenny's contribution to the team: "His stupidity is going to be the anchor of my team."

On Kenny... again: "He's not a smart cookie. No one disagrees with me on that with the exception of him and his mother."

On his method for winning: "For me, I just feel like I do everything good."

A rare attempt at modesty: "As much as I want to sit around and brag about how my body looks like a Greek god's -- which it does -- I really have to admit the guy [CT] is bigger and maybe stronger than me."

On his skills compared with Tyrie's: "I am stronger than most collegiate football players that I know."

On the combo that is he and Kenny: "We're the biggest, baddest team here, and anybody who's thinking about messing with us politically or athletically is in to get bent over." (Yes, he actually said that.)

+ Obviously, Wes is a confident man, but is his ego getting too big? Do you think all this narcissistic behavior will cause Wes' "Greek god" bod to get sent home, or could all this self-love take him straight to the final challenge? Let us know what you think of Wes' 'tude in the comments.