Hot Shots: Are Deena And Pauly D Planking Or Humping?

If you're clued into social media trends, then you may have noticed that everyone from pop sensation Usher to the staff of the "Today" show has snapped a picture of themselves planking. We have no idea why or how this obsession became so popular, but it looks as if the in thing has made its way to Seaside Heights.

Over the weekend, Deena, Vinny and Pauly D hit up the beach to work on their golden tans...and, based on this picture, plank. Deena's just about to get into her proper planking form, which consists of lying against a flat service (Pauly D's washboard abs definitely qualify!) with palms pressed against the body. Either that, or she's attempting to dry hump her roomie on a public beach. Both good options.

Photo: Brian Prahl/Splash News