Update: Lauren Conrad's Ex Broke Her Sweet Little Heart

To (sort of) quote the original "Jersey" gangsta, Jon Bon Jovi: Shot through the heart, and you're to blame! Kyle Howard, you give love a bad name.

When we reported last week that Lauren Conrad had split with her longtime beau, all the details we knew were that it was a mutual decision and the couple had parted ways amicably. But new information has surfaced in the latest issue of Us Weekly suggesting that Kyle Howard actually hurt our girl in a myriad of ways throughout their relationship. (Side note: We just love it when we get the chance to use the word "myriad." It makes us feel all professor-like.) According to the magazine, the "My Boys" actor had aspirations of becoming the next Robert De Niro, and LC's reality TV career didn't fall in line with his (rather lofty, wouldn't you say?) ambition.

"He saw the relationship as distracting from his goal," the mag's insider said. "He wasn't supportive of her career." Wha? Let us get this straight--he was was embarrassed by a career that made his beautiful girlfriend rich and positioned her as a role model for young women everywhere? Can someone please esplain the logic?

And that's not all. Apparently Kyle didn't like hanging out with Lauren's friends--which again, doesn't make any sense. Who wouldn't want to chill with LoBoz?

The source added that "Lauren is heartbroken...she wants to be married and have kids," and that frankly breaks our heart to hear. She's a good girl who deserves a partner who treats her with respect, and it sucks to find out that she might not have always felt that from him. Especially since his predecessor Jason Wahler was no picnic either.

Chin up, LC. You'll find The One soon enough.

Photo: Ashley Love/Splash News