'The Challenge: Rivals' Poll: Does Jasmine Need To Cool It?

Eek. Jasmine isn't the happiest camper as of late. Even though she and Jonna smoked the other girls' teams last week and actually stand a chance at taking this whole competition, she can't get a handle on her emotions. On tonight's episode of "Rivals," her hormones flew off the charts and she wound up punching her hand through a mirror. We hate to see people lose it like that, but then again, butting into Jonna's fight with Camila seems to have strengthened her bond with her former frenemy...so maybe she's onto something?

+ What's your take on Jasmine's tirade? Does she need to relax if she wants to stay in the game, or is acting bonkers a great way to intimidate the competition? Take the poll and weigh in!

Does Jasmine need to pipe down?

  • No way! Anger will get her fired up to win!
  • Yes, that fight was so unnecessary.