'16 & Pregnant' And 'Teen Mom' Top Taylor Swift's Guilty Pleasures List

Taylor Swift has quite a few guilty pleasures (don't we all?), and aside from the really obvious one--brown-haired boys who play with her heart and eventually crush her soul--July's Teen Vogue cover girl reveals on the magazine's website that MTV's "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" top her list of pop culture obsessions (take that, Kim Kardashian!). Guess it goes without saying how much we respect Taylor's artistic taste and discerning eye for quality TV programming (we said it anyway, 'course), so we're delighted to add her to the growing list of savvy and well-respected public figures that support the show.

It's worth noting that Taylor listed "90s one-hit wonders, watching YouTube videos of kittens and the app CatPaint" as other items on her guilty pleasures list. Thus our gift to her below:

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Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue