Find Out What The '16 And Pregnant' Moms Are Up To Now

During tonight's "16 and Pregnant: Life After Labor" finale special, Dr. Drew caught up with all 10 mothers from Season 3 to find out how their first year of parenting is going. In case you missed their on-stage updates, here's the Cliffs Notes version:


When we last saw her: Jordan struggled to find a balance between maintaining a close bond with her twin sister, Jessica, and developing her relationship with her baby's father, Brian.

Update: Jordan and Brian are now married and he has enlisted in the Air Force.


When we last saw her: She and her babies' father Josh had an unhealthy relationship that turned really ugly when he kicked her out of the car and sped off with their twins in the backseat.

Update: Jennifer is still hopeful that Josh will change his behavior, even though she recently had to file a restraining order against him because he threatened to have her raped.


When we last saw her: Her baby's father, Ryan, showed up late for the delivery. Eventually Jamie refused to allow Ryan time with Maia without being present.

Update: Jamie and Ryan barely speak. He wants to see his baby more, but Jamie thinks his weekly visits are adequate for now.


When we last saw her: Danielle hoped that living with her baby's father would make her feel complete, but instead she found herself completely alone and moved back in with her mom.

Update: Danielle and Jamie's relationship is still a rollercoaster. She misses her life before pregnancy and hopes to get her GED once she has a drivers license.


When we last saw her: Cleondra and Mario fought over everything, including which house to raise their daughter in.

Update: Mario wants to fix his relationship with Cleo, but even though she still loves him, she's not sure whether or not being a couple is realistic. They still live in separate homes.


When we last saw her: Kayla's pregnancy triggered her eating disorder and her mom neglected to offer support. Luckily, she had a caring partner in her baby's father, Mike.

Update: Kayla's no longer with Mike and she now lives with her father. She's been struggling a lot with her anorexia.


When we last saw her: She hid her pregnancy from close friends and family for nearly eight months, eventually damaging her relationship with her best friend, Cassidy.

Update: Izabella and Jiro are engaged and her parents have started to take a liking to their future son-in-law.


When we last saw her: Kianna considered forming an adoption plan, but her boyfriend Zak wouldn't have it and she eventually conceded.

Update: Kianna and Zak are engaged to be married and serious about building a bright future for their son.


When we last saw her: Taylor and Nathan thought they could take on the responsibilities of parenthood, but once she delivered their child, he started slacking off and didn't make much of an effort to get a job.

Update: She's still with Nathan although they argue over parenting responsibilities. Baby Aubri had a tumor removed from her lung, but her health is back on track.


When we last saw her: After being kicked out of the house by her father, Allie sought comfort in her boyfriend Joey's family, but was instead confronted with his mother's verbal abuse.

Update: At the "Life After Labor" finale special, Allie and Joey spoke for the first time in months. Allie is willing to allow Joey to see Aydenn, but only if she's present for it. Allie has all As in school and plans to go to a four-year college.

+ All 10 moms have grown since their episode taped, but whose maturity impresses you the most? Sound off in the comments!

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