5 Easy Ways To Avoid A Werewolf Attack

Surviving high school can be tough at times, but you know what makes it even more difficult? Werewolves. Not only do the guys and girls of "Teen Wolf" have to deal with finding love, fitting in and parent-teacher conferences, they also have to worry about protecting their bodies from nasty bites.

The Alpha is wreaking havoc at full force, so studying up on lycanthrope protection is more important than ever. We did our homework and looked back on the past five episodes for tips on how to stay out of a werewolf's way. Unfortunately, we can't say taking off your shirt and showing your six-pack is one of them.

1. Avoid All Silent/Creepy/Empty Places

It's a horror movie rule for good reason. Desolate and spooky places where no one responds to your hellos are where you don't want to be. Whatever is in there, is not just unsocial, but probably pretty scary as well. Jackson found this out the hard way, coming face to snout with the Alpha at the empty movie store. "The Notebook" is not worth that much trouble, J!

2. Stay Armed At All Times (Tasers Preferred)

Mr. Argent and his sister Kate are pretty proactive when it comes to avoiding werewolf attacks, hunting down supernatural creatures in their spare time. While we don't want all werewolves slain--looking at you, Scott--the lethal brother/sister duo proves that protection is key. And after watching Kate electrocute Derek last night, it seems like a super-charged taser may be the way to go.

3. If You Can't Fight 'Em, Date 'Em

Not everyone is the taser-carrying type. If you want to keep the peace, dating a werewolf may be the best way to keep from ending up in pieces. Though Allison may not know about Scott's supernatural talent, her crush has kept her out of trouble several times.

4. Play Dead

Never say that opossums are stupid because this animal's signature trick could be the one thing that saves you if you ever find yourself looking down a werewolf's throat. Or at least it seemed that way for Jackson. Paralyzed by fear (and a shelf of bad movies), the jock looked like a goner, but the Alpha ended up passing over his frozen figure. Maybe werewolves don't dig dead meat?

5. Move Far Away From The Woods

Maybe it's something about marking their territory, but it seems werewolves can't get enough of trees. So if steps 1 through 4 are too much work, it might be best to leave the quiet forest life behind altogether and look into a high-rise apartment in the city.