'Jersey Shore' Poll: Should Pauly D Continue Getting Tattoos?

Long before he signed on for "Jersey Shore" and shat Cartier diamonds, Pauly D had a very specific image to uphold on a tight budget. The bulk of his used-car salesman earnings went straight toward Spiker hair gel, a home tanning apparatus and multiple muscle-accentuating tattoos. In the image below from MTV's Season 1 photo shoot, you can't quite make out our favorite piece of Pauly's body art--a Cadillac logo that spans his entire right torso--but there are plenty of other tats in full view: He's got ink of his own name, an homage to his Italian roots, a dragon, some type of tribal design that calls to mind Mike Tyson's infamous face catastrophe and a cross featuring the name "Billy." The latter was inked in remembrance of his friend, Billy Iannotti, who died in a motorcycle accident; in 2010 Pauly added onto it with the faces of Jesus and Mary, as well as a tombstone. And that ink may still be a work in progress if you factor in the blank canvas on his forearm just crying out for the needle.

Hmm, could Pauly be on his way to a full sleeve? We wouldn't be mad at it.

+ What do you think of the "Jersey Shore" star's ever expanding body of ink? Should he keep the tats coming, or quit while he can still prove that he's tan? Take our poll!


Photo: Jackson Lee/Brian Prahl/Splash News