From MTV Stars To Self-Help Gurus! 5 Former Hillzies Doling Out Advice

Earlier this morning we learned that Lauren Conrad, whose empire continues to grow at an astounding rate, locked down a writing gig at Forbes Lifestyle. She'll be sharing her tips on how to successfully run a business and website, write a book and produce a fashion line (not all at once, we hope). Since we're simply in awe of her burgeoning career (and slightly curious about why so many of her former costars are now on the self-help circuit), we've rounded up other past "Hills" casties who've dabbled in the advice game.

Spencer Pratt

Roughly two years ago, sharp-tongued Spencer hung up his reality star towel and took a stab at being a columnist. He nabbed a spot on the writing roster at, serving up tasty dating advice to lovestruck readers. (And who can forget his life-changing instructional guide, "How To Be Famous"?'s probably to blame for the birth of Sparah!)

Whitney Port

The fashion-forward designer wrote an advice book for her peers called "True Whit: Designing A Life Of Style, Beauty And Fun," in which she spilled all of her precious beauty and home furnishing secrets, like how to decorate on a budget.

Lo Bosworth

After joining Twitter, Lo became addicted to connecting with fans and talking to them about her tried-and-true makeup tips. Soon after, Lo developed a larger platform to engage with interested readers called, a website brimming with helpful life tips for young women.

Kelly Cutrone

When wasn't the brazen boss lady putting in her two cents about better/smarter/quicker ways that her colleagues and subordinates could be doing things? Her sassy self-help book, aptly titled, "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside...And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You," is the "Art Of War" for the fashion set.

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Photo: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images