Kodak Moments From The 'Jersey Shore' Gang's Italy Trip

Like the last day of summer camp or senior year of high school, there's nothing more gratifying than plopping onto your bed and thumbing through pictures of you and your friends in all sorts of crazy you-had-to-be-there poses. Since the "Jersey Shore" casties have eaten their last slice of authentic Italian pizza and (sadly) said good-bye to the wondrous city of Florence, it's a no-brainer that they'll want to preserve the special memories of their life-changing time abroad (Snooki's keepsake box is bound to be lined with leopard skin). Hopefully they'll tweet some pix of their souvenirs!

We followed their every move in Italy and kept you in the loop on a daily basis, so we also wanted something special to remember the trip by. Check out our photo collage and feel free to make it your screensaver or post it on Facebook!