'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Allison's Dad On To Scott?

Whenever Mr. Argent spots Scott, his piercingly blue eyes start to twitch like he knows the truth about his daughter's newly bitten crush. And considering the guy hunts down werewolves in his spare time, that ain't a good sign.

On tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf," Scott joined Allison and her family for dinner and found himself in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation about the power of an animal bite. Even though Mr. Argent was referencing rabid dogs, it seemed as though he was talking about Scott.

+ Do you think Allison's dad suspects that Scott might be a werewolf, or was he just being an overprotective father? Take the poll and weigh in!

Do you think Mr. Argent knows that Scott's a werewolf?

  • Yes, he hunts them every night!
  • Nah, he's just doing his fatherly duties.

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