PHOTO: See JWOWW's New Tattoo! It's Rather Large...

'Member when we posted pix last week of JWOWW and her boyfriend Roger sauntering around Florence? At the time, we noted that the happy couple stopped at a tattoo parlor on their sightseeing excursion, but we weren't sure whether or not either of them made a purchase. Well, people, we have your answer! (Would we ever leave you hanging?)

Jenni did indeed have something permanently inked across her right upper back--a rather massive piece of artwork that illustrates a pair of praying hands holding a cross, with "RIP" and "OMA" scrawled on an interwoven ribbon. Word on the street is that it was done in remembrance of the "Jersey Shore" star's late grandmother (OMA is a Dutch or German term for one's grandmother), who passed away earlier this year.

Jenni must have been incredibly close with her grandparents, as she previously tattooed a flower with wings on her right ankle inscribed with "OPA," the corresponding term for grandfather.

Photo: WENN

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