7 Shirtless Moments From The "Teen Wolf" Premiere

The new girl at Beacon Hills High School, Allison, isn't the only one who's got a thing for lacrosse players with hairy palms. In the 25-ish minutes since "Teen Wolf" premiered, we've been hearing confessions from everyone and their mother (including our own) that they're smitten with MTV's newest leading man lycanthrope, Tyler Posey. And it's no wonder. Posey plays the role of Scott McCall, the series' shy-yet-strapping main character who seems to always misplace his shirt.

It would be wasteful not to document Scott's pecs' shining moments, so how's about we take a look back at the real show-stoppers, shall we? Below are seven stills of our tormented hero missing some key articles of clothing.

1. Upon examining his wolf bite from the night before, Scott sees that the wound has already healed. And the audience sees that Scott has been doing sit-ups since birth.

2. Scott is lying in bed thinking about Allison after successfully asking her out (and communicating with her dog).

3. It's a bit unsettling when Scott awakes in the woods at dawn, unsure of how he got there...and why he always finds himself being chased by a wolf.

4. Scott takes a shower before his big date with Allison. That's his mom, probably wondering when he suddenly became such a beefcake.

5. Writhing in agony, Scott jumps into the tub (and throws off his shirt) while he undergoes his first full moon transition.

6. The adrenaline is on and poppin' when a wolfed out Scott thinks Allison is in danger. He heads to the woods to try and save her. Or eat her.

7. After a long night of being hunted by the father of his dream girl, Scott hits the road home on foot. Luckily, his best friend Stiles shows up to give him a ride (and a sweatshirt).