'Son Of A Gun' Poll: Was Cory Smart To Let Ed Go?

The last time we checked in with Cory Gunz and his herd of feuding managers, Ed Woods was shot-putting office chairs into his colleagues and barking expletives in Nick Cannon's direction. Tonight, it seemed that Papa Gat was able to calm everyone's tempers, but Ed lost his wits again and forced the rising rapper to intervene.

Cory couldn't take the chaos any longer and decided to cut the umbilical cord to his longtime friend. Do you think he made the right decision to let Ed go, or did he turn his back on a true supporter? Take the poll and weigh in on tonight's two-part season finale of "Son of a Gun."

Did Cory make the right move to get rid of Ed?

  • Yes, Ed's not a team player and he brings bad energy!
  • No way, Ed's had his back since day one.