The 7 Most Shocking 'Hard Times' Moments!

Just when we thought the messiest moment of tonight's two-part season finale was when RJ Berger discovered pics of his mom doing scandy things with Coach Sinclair and ... a ... REPTILE, Pinkerton High's finest upped the ante. Whilst partaking in some honest self-reflection, RJ stepped into the locker room only to find alpha male Max Owens getting busy in the shower with another guy! (Now that's a game-changer, huh?) And right as we were starting to collect ourselves, Lily dropped the B-bomb on her bestie: she's preggo with RJ's baby! (Cue cliffhanger music).

Season 2 of "Hard Times" really brought the drama -- even before tonight's naughtiness there were tons of outrageous scenes to swallow. In celebration of all the "whoa" moments, we've gathered our favorites below. Take a look and tell us if we left out anything!

Whoa Moment #1: RJ Berger Dumps Jenny Swanson

Dude's been lusting after Jenny since he was a tiny young tot, but he finally got to know her and realized how little they had in common. Good thing he cut things off because he fell in love with Amy after.

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Whoa Moment #2: Coach Sinclair Dates RJ's Mom

It's not uncommon for people to jump into the arms of a mismatch following a bad breakup or painful divorce, but Coach Sinclair is just bonkers. Not to mention, really flippin' uncomfortable to watch.

So, er, watch it:

Whoa Moment #3: RJ's Dad Shakes His Moneymaker

While RJ's mom rebounded with Coach Sinclair, his pop's sadness over the separation manifested in a return to the stripper front of his son. And his girlfriend.

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Whoa Moment #4: Lily Miran Becomes Popular

Following Lily's unfortunate bus run-in, she received a huge settlement paycheck, which apparently is a fast pass to acceptance at Pinkerton. Fortch, Lily saw right through Robin Pretnar's fake smile and ditched the bitch soon after.

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Whoa Moment #5: Jenny Swanson's Ugly Moment

Jenny suffered from an unexplainable skin breakout, orchestrated by the malicious Robin Pretnar, who tampered with her face cream.

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Whoa Moment #6: Max Owens Is Gay

Perhaps the best thing about unearthing Max's true sexual orientation was that RJ was the one who discovered it. After years of getting pummeled by the hot-headed bully, he finally had something to hang over this head.

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Whoa Moment #7: Lily Gets Knocked Up

Just when it seemed that the cards were falling in RJ's favor, Lily threw a wrench into things by announcing that she was knocked up with his kid.

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+ What was your favorite shocking moment from Season 2 of "Hard Times"? Did we leave one out? Sound off in the comments!