'Hard Times' Poll: Was RJ's Birthday A Blast Or Bust?

On last night's episode of "Hard Times," RJ Berger's 16th "Max Bash" seemed like it was going to be Pinkerton High's party of the year, until the super jock rallied his troops and orchestrated his own takedown plan: Operation Messer-Upper (with extreme prejudice). Just as RJ's leading lady, Amy, took to the stage and pumped up the crowd with her fellow Thunderstorm Blood cronies, Max came through and ruined the whole shebang, sending everyone scurrying home.

RJ's party never really got off the ground, but our strapping dork got what he wanted with Amy, so did his big day blow or was it totally badass? Take the poll and weigh in.

Did RJ's birthday bomb or rock?

  • It was awesome, even with Max's unwanted appearance.
  • It pretty much sucked.