That's Amore For SamRon! The Tortured Duo Is Back On In Italy

One week shacking up together in the romantic city of Florence is all it took for notorious on-and-offers Sammi "Sweetheart" and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of "Jersey Shore" to glide right back into each other's arms. Over the weekend, the two were spotted kissing outside Club Flo (see pic below), as well as holding hands during an afternoon stroll. Ah, the calm before the storm.... Speaking of which, has the tortured couple had their first knockdown drag-out fight yet? Well, it appears as if they're still in the honeymoon stage, so we're giving them at least another night or two plied with RonRon Juice before the tempers start flaring up again. Hope Sam brought an extra few pairs of eyeglasses with her overseas!

Photos: Sinky/Macca/Splash News, Brian Prahl/Splash News