'Son Of A Gun' Poll: Does Cory Need To Give Ed The Boot?

On tonight's episode of "Son of a Gun," Nick Cannon tried to put an end to the chaos in Cory Gunz' career by setting up a meeting with Cory's other manager, Ed Woods (not sure why we italicized that; he really is the other manager). 'Course, what should have been a productive conversation about improving communication across the board turned into a childish brouhaha, where Ed stomped around with his Dracula coat and made loud noises.

+ This isn't the first time Ed's dropped the ball or had a temper tantrum, so is it time for Cory to cut the cord and let him go? Take the poll and weigh in.

Does Cory need to get rid of Ed Woods?

  • Yes, he's too emotional and not helping Cory's career.
  • No, Ed's had Cory's back since the beginning.