'16 and Pregnant' Poll: Should Cleondra Move In With Mario?

On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," new mom Cleondra was faced with a troubling decision over where to care for her baby. Even though Kylee's father, Mario, lived directly across the street, he was unwilling to spend time at Cleondra's because he thought it was a crowded and unhealthy environment for their child.

Mario could provide them both with more space (and attention) at his father's place, but a failed trial run made Cleondra hesitant. What's your opinion? Should she go for it and gather her family together under one roof, or does it make sense for her to wait until she's more comfortable with moving? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "16 and Pregnant After Show," where the teary-eyed teen says that even though she's completely drained by their up-and-down relationship, she'd like to have a fresh start--and a new house--with Mario.

Should Cleondra move in with Mario?

  • Yes, she should try to keep her family together.
  • No, she's not ready to leave her house.