Warning: New 'Jackass' App May Cause Sterility

Those lovable dufuses of "Jackass" notoriety are at it again, now taking on the vast digital world by "adding a touch of the stupids" to it (their words, not ours!). They just released two different apps--one for the iPad and another for the iPhone--the former of which they're referring to as "a dumbed-down" version of their book, "jackass: 10 years of stupid." For $4.99, you can play games, peruse pics and watch moments from the original MTV series. Johnny Knoxville himself has personally endorsed the product, telling Remote Control, "We're very excited that the new 'jackass' book app is out and ready to purchase. If my schoolbooks would have been as interactive and fun as this app I probably wouldn't have flunked as many classes."

Check out the iPad app here.

Now on to the iPhone app.... This one's a game, appropriately named "Nutball," in which players throw stuff at other dudes' ball sacks (Why, yes, you are correct: It's based on a well-loved segment from the show). The better you do, the more points you earn, and are able to unlock bigger and more brutal stuff to whip at people's nuts.*

Check out the iPhone app here.

*The makers of this app are not responsible for lowered sperm count.