'Hard Times' Poll: Do You Like Jenny Swanson's New Look?

On tonight's episode of "Hard Times," social outcast Lily Miran conspired with the recently shunned Jenny Swanson to form a mini Robin Pretnar mutiny, and while it's odd to see the former rivals champion the same cause, Lily kinda wants to help Jenny (so weird, right?). She encouraged the injured cheerleader to break out of her timid shell, and with the help of some hot pink hair dye, Jenny transformed into an aggressive, smack-talking version of herself.

+ What do you think of Jenny's new look and personality: Is this change for the better, or a dangerous shift? Take the poll and weigh in!

What do you think of Jenny's makeover?

  • I like it, she needs to be more aggressive!
  • I'm not a fan, I miss the old Jenny.