Ed vs. Nick: Who's To Blame For Cory's Tardiness?

Even though emerging artist Cory Gunz put his whole management debacle to rest--he decided to go with both Nick Cannon and Ed Woods--his two powerful reps still have trouble working together. On tonight's episode of "Son Of A Gun," Nick booked a great gig for Cory, but it was up to Ed (or at least it seemed like it was) to get him to sound check on time. When Cory showed up seconds before showtime, both camps blamed each other for letting their artist run off unaccounted for.

Ed knew what time he needed to get Cory to the Hard Rock, but it was Nick's team that let Cory leave the venue, so is it clear who's really at fault? Take the poll and weigh in, then check out this exclusive video, where Ed says that he specifically told Cory not to disappear and that Nick should've pointed the finger at his staff.

Who's to blame for Cory's late arrival?

  • It was Ed's job to get Cory there on time.
  • Nick's fault -- his assistant shouldn't have let Cory go home!
  • Neither! It was all on Cory, he's the artist.