'Son Of A Gun' Poll: Does Cory Need To Break Away From His Dad?

There's a fine line between wanting to protect someone and completely stifling them, and tonight's episode of "Son Of A Gun" made that really clear. Up-and-coming rapper Cory Gunz is signed with Young Money and ready to start making some hits, but his dad, Peter Gunz, appears to have a different itinerary. Peter distracted Cory while he was in the studio (that he paid for!) and even tried to steal the spotlight during his interview with The Source magazine.

+ There's no doubt that Peter's looking out for his son, but there's a reason people say not to mix business with family. Should Cory step out from his father's shadow and ask for some breathing room? Take the poll and weigh in!

Does Cory need to pull away from his dad?

  • Yes, he's totally intruding on his creative space.
  • No, his dad's the only one that truly has his back.