'16 and Pregnant' Poll: Should Jamie Allow Ryan Shared Custody?

When Jamie sat down for her recent "16 and Pregnant After Show" interview, it was hardly a surprise to hear that she and her baby's father, Ryan, are still not on speaking terms--after all, he missed the first five hours of her labor because he was off partying, and evidently cheating on her with another girl. Still, given how emotional Ryan became when Jamie refused to allow him any alone time with their baby, you'd think he'd now be taking his limited visits with her seriously. Not the case, says Jamie.

In this clip from the after show, Jamie says that Ryan's already missed two of his weekly opportunities to see Miah at the visitation center, so she has no plans to give Ryan shared custody anytime soon. Take a look, then take our poll and voice your opinion about the situation: Should Ryan be able to spend time with Maya without Jamie being present?

Should Jamie allow Ryan shared custody?

  • No, he's not ready for that responsibility.
  • Yes, he's Maya's dad--it's only fair.