'Son Of A Gun' Poll: Who Should Cory Pick To Be His Manager?

While we can't relate to being an up-and-coming artist like Cory Gunz and having hordes of successful labels and powerful executives clamoring to work with us, we do know what it's like to have tons of eager suitors falling at our feet (just kidding, we don't know what that's like either). Decisions, decisions.

On tonight's series premiere of "Son Of A Gun," the young and talented Cory had a tough time choosing between which music label to go with. He feared disappointing Nick Cannon by signing with Young Money, but ultimately there were no hard feelings--in fact, Nick offered Cory a separate opportunity to work with his management team, Ncredible.

+ Cory's now got another got a tough choice to make! Who do you think would be a better manager: Nick or his lawyer, Ed Woods? Take the poll and weigh in!

Who should Cory pick to manage him?

  • Nick Cannon
  • Ed Woods