That's What You Said...About The New 'Real World'er, Cooke!

Every Friday we thumb through your comments from the most talked about post of the week and highlight each side of the argument. Check out the latest That's What You Said below and make sure to share your own opinion!

This week, one of the more controversial stories on Remote Control (not surprisingly) focused on the newest addition to the "Real World: Las Vegas" suite. Cooke kinda never stood a chance with the girls--Nany only wanted Adam's scrawny frame to walk back through the door and Naomi was bound to get territorial the instant she spotted her flirting with Leroy. We asked you whether or not you liked Cooke, and here's what you had to say:

"I like Cooke, and I can't blame her for being thirsty, I mean Dustin was standing there with no shirt and an effin' TEN pack! I would've been the same way. Besides, she was feeling Dustin before she knew about his and Heather's relationship, and no one should expect her feelings to just drop--it doesn't work that way." --kiwi26

"I agree with everyone who is anti-Cooke. She has no respect for any of the girls in the house and they had every right to put their foot down and tell her like it is. Yes, they could have gone about it in a different way, but sometimes you just get to a point of no return and let all your feelings out (they're only human)." --Shanae

"Funny how self-proclaimed tomboys like to say they don't get along with other girls, when they don't realize that they're the reason for that. If one of the first things you mention is wanting to break up a couple in the house, then you better be prepared for a battle." --momtokainoa

All three viewers have slightly different perspectives, but how do you feel? Did Cooke bring all the negative energy into the house, or were the girls against her from the start? Let's keep the conversation going!