Audrina Patridge Defends Her Mom's Slurry Speech

With no end date in sight, Audrina Patridge is moving full steam ahead on a media blitz to promote her new VH1 series, and this morning the former "Hills" star chatted up Ryan Seacrest about her big promotion to leading ladyhood. But before she was offered the requisite 30 seconds to pitch her product, Ryan forced her to listen to her mother's infamous drunken rambling (slash unintentional viral video) for the first time ever. "My mom has no filter," 'Drina put it simply.

After defending Lynn's appetite for chardonnay and "larger-than-life personality," the reality beauty got drilled about the new guy she's dating "talking to," polo player Nick Roldan, who just so happens to be a friend of Prince Harry. So does that mean 'Drina will be attending the upcoming Royal Wedding? Acting as if she hadn't even considered the idea, she told Seacrest that she didn't know. Which probably means she's already picked out the dress and is planning to bend it with Beckam and Posh Spice on the dance floor.

+ Listen to the full interview here.