Hot Shots: See What Pauly, Snooki, Ronnie And Sammi Wore To Prom!

It's kind of like a mix of angel food cake and the Estee Lauder makeup counter at Macy's -- that sweet yet overpowering scent of high school prom that creeps up every spring. Teen girls pile in an out of cutely named stores overstocked with stretchy satin fabrics and size 00s and costume jewelry, scouring the racks for the perfect (read: cleave-enhancing) dress to don at the uniquely American rite of passage, whether or not the deflowering that typically goes along with it is in the cards for them.

In honor of this corsage-heavy time of year, MTV's "When I Was 17" is airing a special prom edition of the show this Saturday at 11am/10c, and amongst the many familiar faces to be featured are that of Pauly D, Snooki, Ronnie and Sammi from "Jersey Shore." Take a peek at their old-school pics below, flip through more photos of celebs in tuxes and taffeta and remember to tune in April 23 at 11a/10c to hear everyone's heyday stories.

Anyone think Ron's date eerily resembles Sam? And is that a penciled-in mustache on Pauly?

Weird. Snooki's date looks more like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" than the juicehead gorilla type she's famously known for smushing.

Visual proof that Sammi still looks stunning without orange skin.