Hot Shots: Snooki Experiments With Sexy 'Come Hither' Poses!

Snooki's never been one to shy away from the camera (spend a few hours lurking around her Twitter or Facebook page and you'll discover an assortment of sexified poses all awaiting praise from adoring fans), but she's recently adopted a modern-day Betty Boop pose that we kind of love.

The first thing they teach you in modeling school (and we learned this by Googling, 'course), is to kick symmetry to the curb when it comes to your limbs. If you have one arm down, you better make sure the other one is placed in the opposite according to these pics, she's totally nailing it!

One other thing about these shots that makes us giddy? There's a little leopard skin in every one of them!

Photos courtesy of Snooki's Facebook