Soundtrack Spotlight: Behold The Healing Power Of William Fitzsimmons' Tunes

On last night's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we discovered the strong bond teen mom Jordan shared with her twin sister, Jessica. They were an inseparable duo...until Jordan gave birth to Noah and the entire dynamic changed. Yet throughout their ups and down, family remained very important to both sisters, which is what made the sounds of indie artist William Fitzsimmons an ideal choice for the show.

Influenced by his parents' blindness (they used instruments and sing-alongs to communicate), Fitzsimmons has always felt the therapeutic power of sound and has been creating autobiographical melodies since 2005. Much of his work is tied to his own personal experience--in fact, his first two self-produced albums focused heavily on his childhood. His most current release, Gold in the Shadow, is based on psychopathological disorders (he also has a master's degree in counseling), but it also provides an emotional release and even a glimmer of hope.

+ Want to hear more from this indie artist? Check out the video below for his song, "If You Would Come Back Home."

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