'Real World' Poll: Is Heather Too Forgiving?

On tonight's episode of "Real World: Las Vegas," we were all introduced to the newest member of the house, Cooke. None of the girls took to her well: Naomi was turned off because Cooke walked around the house in Leroy's clothes (looks like that friends-with-benefits thing is going well for her) and Nany couldn't stand looking at her because she wasn't Adam. Heather did her best to be nice, even though she was the only person who had every reason to dislike her.

Cooke was on Dustin's jock since she walked through the front door, but after all the drama died down, Heather decided to clean the slate and accept her apology. Soo...was she too forgiving? Take the poll and let us know what you think!

Do you think Heather was too forgiving?

  • Definitely! Cooke is not to be trusted.
  • No, Heather's a smart girl...She knows what she's doing.