'Real World' Poll: Do You Like The New Girl?

Cooke definitely didn’t tread lightly when she walked through the door on tonight's episode of "Real World: Las Vegas"; in fact, she kind of pulled an Adam, in the sense that she barreled through with an uncontainable amount of energy. First, she unabashedly announced--several times--that she had plans to jump Dustin's bones, and then she asked to wear Leroy's funky T-shirt to the gym because, well, we really can't figure out why (if she's the tomboy she claims to be, she would've had tons of her own sweat-absorbing gear, right?).

+ Cooke was forced to be on the defense from the moment she arrived, but has she given the house a reason to like her? Take the poll and let us know what you think of her.

How do you feel about the new girl?

  • She's totally cool, the girls need to back off.
  • I don't like her, she's already causing drama!