The Beauty Tips We Want Lauren Conrad To Teach Us

Now that Lauren Conrad's officially launched her online hair and makeup website (check out The Beauty Department), we decided to thumb through some of her glam shots from the past in hopes that she'll supply us with a "how to" sometime soon..

The Old-School Glam Low Bun

Details: Channeling "Mad Men," she paired a knee-length body-con gray dress with this adorable retro-inspired hairstyle that (somehow) never lost its oomph.

We Wanna Know: What's the trick to keeping the hair in place? Bobby pins? Perhaps there needs to be an army of small men standing behind you? Spill it, Conrad!

The I-Wouldn't-(But-Totally-Could-If-I-Needed-To)-Hurt-A-Fly Angelic Up-Do

Details: At her book signing, she wore a halo-esque headband and left a few wisps of hair in the front to soften it up.

We Wanna Know: How can we re-create this to look intentional, and not like we just rolled out of bed and threw on a headband? Is it the frosty makeup?

The Super-Sleek Ponytail

Details: To celebrate her new line at Kohl's (back in 2009), she went ultra-vixen by vamping up her eye makeup and sporting a tight pony.

We Wanna Know: How do you decide where to place the ponytail (too high will make us look girlish and sprite; too low is for librarians)? And how do you get the hair that's covering the rubber band to stay in place? Tricky, tricky.

The I-Wake-Up-Looking-This-Pretty Trademark Waves

Details: Lauren's loose and sometimes-messy cascading hair looks just as perfect on the red carpet as it does while she's grocery shopping.

We Wanna Know: To put it simply, how can we wake up looking like that?!

Do you have a favorite look that you hope Lauren demos? Sound off in the comments!

Photos: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty, Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Jeff Lipsky