How The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Can Film In Florence Without Getting Capped

Despite the unrest among journalists in the old country, the "Jersey Shore" cast is off to Florence in May to film Season 4 and spread the holy acronyms known as GTL and DTF. But there are some conditions they'll need to adhere to, says the city's mayor, Matteo Renzi. Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera (via the New York Post) has listed the restrictions, and they are as follows:

1) The cast cannot be filmed in bars and clubs that serve alcohol.

2) The cast cannot be filmed drinking in public.

3) The show cannot be filmed to promote Florence as a drinking town.

4) The show must be filmed in a manner to promote Italy and feature its culture and good food.

5) The cast cannot be filmed in the city’s historic buildings.

So basically, the cast will chill 24/7 in their apartamento, making brief scavenger hunts on the outside to purchase booze and lure home some non-grenadal booty. Or they'll just break all the rules. The latter seems pretty likely, and having spent some time in Florence during the college years, we've prepared an addendum to the mayor's list in hopes the cast will take heed. There are lots of manly men in Italy, and it will be an unfortunate situation if "The Situation" and his fam say/do/wear the wrong thing (which is, again, pretty likely).

1) Refrain from using the terms "guido" and "guidette" when in the presence of locals.

2) Opt for more modest rosary beads as fashion statements. Always wear a (fully buttoned) shirt with them.

3) Don't ask for directions to the nearest Taco Bell. Good food is like oxygen in Florence, and all good food takes time to prepare.

4) Learn how to pronounce "grazie" the authentic way: "grahts-yeh," with the stress on the first syllable.

5) Don't bring up butt-licking while at the barber shop.

+ Any other suggestions for the "Jersey Shore" cast before they embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Leave 'em in the comments!

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