'MLAL' Poll: Should Sully And Marlene Start A Long-Distance Relationship?

Sully really stepped up his game on tonight's episode of "My Life As Liz." Just when it looked like he fumbled his opportunity to ask out fellow comic book aficionado, Marlene, he got a second shot in the park--and they totally hit it off! At the end of the episode, he even confessed to Bryson (who was totally sulking over Liz and Louis) that he thought he found his soul mate.

Sully and Marlene are totally into each other and she was bummed to learn that he wasn't a local, do you think they should start seeing each other even though they live over 1,000 miles away? Take the poll and weigh in on this budding romance!

Should Sully and Marlene start dating?

  • Yes, she's awesome and it can totally work.
  • No, it'll never survive the distance.