Soundtrack Spotlight: The Blue Van Recognize RJ's Feelings For Amy

During last night's episode of "Hard Times," RJ Berger's disruptive home life really started to affect his ability to focus at school. As he walked into the library and spotted his school-mandated fantasy tutor, Amy (who he imagined naked, of course), the intense sounds of The Blue Van played in the background.

If you're not familiar with the electrified blues-rock tunes of this Danish quartet, let us get you more acquainted. Roughly eight years ago, the group's four members (vocalist/guitarist Steffen Westmark, bassist Allan F. Villadsen, organist Soren V. Christensen and drummer Per M. Jorgenson) came together to make anti-pop music. In 2001 they recorded a self-funded EP (A Session With The Blue Van), which landed them a management deal with indie company Iceberg Records. Now on their fourth studio album (Love Shot), their rich and gritty flavor has earned them a number of accolades.

Wanna hear more from them? Below, check out the music video for their track "There Goes My Love."