'Hard Times' Poll: Should RJ Forget About Jenny And Go For Amy?

On tonight's episode of "Hard Times," Lily finally succeeded in ruining RJ's chances at true romance. Up until now, Jenny Swanson thought RJ was the ideal guy (nice; smart; a virgin!), but Lily told her all about how she deflowered him and now Jenny's majorly P.O.'d. Good thing RJ is developing a small crush on his tutor, Amy--he could use a distraction!

RJ's been growing increasingly uncertain about Jenny, so should he kick his longtime fantasy about being with her to the curb and go for the new brainy lady in his life? Take the poll and weigh in!

Should RJ forget about Jenny and go for his tutor?

  • Yes, she's way better for him.
  • No way, RJ's put in way too much with Jenny.