Hot Shots: Do You Like JWOWW's 'Top Model' Look?

Ya know how toward the end of every "America's Next Top Model" episode--when the judging panel comes face-to-face with all the pretty wannabes and shouts out made-up words like "smize" and "dreckitude"-- before anally scanning each contestant's latest photo, the judging panel takes notice of how runway modelesque the girl currently standing before them appears?

There's always one in every bunch--a young lady with a thick southern drawl and "aww shucks" naïveté that got all gussied up in her junior high prom dress in hopes of impressing the judges. And without fail, "Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker" and "World-Famous Fashion Editor Andre Leon Talley" break the news that she looks like a busted-up street hooker. Immediately they ask her to pull her hair back in a ponytail, wipe the bright violet Wet n Wild crud off her lips and unclothe herself until she's down to tights and an undershirt. It's an uncomfortable process for the shy beauty to take part in (and for viewers to watch), but it's actually worth all the nervous giggles. She always ends up looking 10x better.

We have to say, it's amazing what a make-under will do for a gal, which is why we did a double take at these pix of JWOWW (with beau Roger Matthews) shot back in March at The Foundation Room in Showboat Atlantic appears as if she's taken the "ANTM" fashion snobs' advice and tried on their played down, go-see style for size.

+ We happen to love JWOWW's natural look and hope to see her sport it more often, but what do you think? Take the poll and tell us if you dig this Jenni from the Block thing she's got going on, or if you only take your JWOWW served in skintight, leopard skin mini dresses and bright blue pasties.

Do you like JWOWW's 'Top Model' Look?

  • Yes, she's so naturally pretty.
  • No, why play down her sexiness?

Photo: Tom Briglia/Getty Images