That's What You Said...About Adam And Nany's Quasi-Relationship

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This week, one of the more controversial stories on Remote Control focused on Adam and Nany's totally elusive and, oftentimes, contradictory relationship. Nany was heartbroken when Adam left Las Vegas, and we asked you whether or not you thought he ever loved her. Here's what you had to say about this bizarre matchup.

"Honestly, I know that Adam is a player and stuff, but I can't help but think that they would be a great couple. Of course, Adam needs to change somehow, but don't forget Nany is attracted to bad boys (and so am I, that's why I think he's so hot). I don't know if Adam is relationship material--probably not--but they should keep on dating and see where it goes." -- Facebook User

"Let me say that Nany is a COMPLETE IDIOT for falling for this pathetic disingenuous excuse for a person. Adam doesn't care about anyone else but himself!" -- Montara

"At first I kinda felt bad for Nany when I found out how big of a front Adam was putting up with her and the girls. But then I thought about it--she broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years (and didn't shed a tear) over the phone so that she could hook up with a selfish, alcoholic and womanizing psychopath. So she kinda brought it on herself." -- dane15

All three viewers have slightly different perspectives, but how do you feel? Did Nany bring this misery on herself? Is there potential for them to have a real relationship in the future? Let's keep the convo going!