MTV Twitter Roundup: 'The Situation' And Angelina Are At War!

Beef between Mike "The Situation" and "Jersey Shore" cast-off Angelina Pivarnick stems back to her "dirty little hamster" and maxi-pad days, and it's safe to say these two will never have babies, or even be friends. But we are a little surprised to see that the name-calling hasn't simmered down between them. At all! In fact, they slammed each other on Twitter this week: He called her a stinky groupie-hater (not in those words) and she retaliated by attacking his man parts.

Fortunately, the rest of their casties were in much better moods. Pauly D, who was just approached to sign with hip-hop mogul 50 Cent, has been excited about the goodies he'll get in his Easter basket and Snooki's been spending a lot of time getting her sport on. More baseball?

Check out their Tweets below:

Photos: Emily Shur