In Defense Of Snooki: It's Not Her Fault That Rutgers Messed Up

There's been a public outcry recently by Rutgers University students--and now from New Jersey Sen. Joe Kyrillos--over Snooki's appearance on campus last month. Apparently, the "Jersey Shore" space cadet raked in 32k for advising the audience to "study hard, but party harder," among other gems. The whining got even louder when word got out that fees for guest speakers come straight outta their own pockets.

Hey, who could blame them for being pissy? Snooki's not a Nobel Laureate (though she does happen to be a New York Times best-selling author...don't look at us, you're the ones who bought the book) or anything remotely close to an academic, but the thing is, why y'all blaming her for a choice the college made?

According to ABC 2 News, Kyrillos is taking action against the offending administrators (and any other university planning to schedule such shenanigans), with a pledge to sponsor legislation that would reverse the way public universities collect student fees, instead allowing students to opt in to campus events requiring a fee. Nice effort, for sure, but the senator is also unnecessarily degrading our little poufball in the process, stating that Snooks is "a degenerate reality television star who offers neither useful advice nor any appreciable talents." Boo.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of her, but it was the school that reached out to Snooki, and she's not the one who should bare the brunt of hate mail tweets. Snooki's never tried to be anyone other than Snooki. The university knew full well what they were getting when they cut the check for (gulp) 32k and welcomed her questionable advice for navigating the college years (and if they didn't know, they should have done their research). So to the critics: Please leave our girl alone--if anyone's to blame for robbing the students blind, it's the higher institution of learning known as Rutgers.

Side note: For those who want to live the Snooki lifestyle (and trust us, there are many), she does happen to have some fabulous tips on how to pull it off. Just take a look at this video, where she offers a step-by-step tutorial to a child on how to sexify her look. These days ya gotta get 'em when they're nice and young! (Yes, that's us being sarcastic. Snooks is pushing it with this one.)