50 Cent's Got His Money On Pauly D

Having met and spoken to Pauly D, we can say with complete confidence that the guy is a fireball of positive energy--it's no wonder the ladies love him. But the fellas are paying attention, too. In fact, we just learned this morning that rap icon 50 Cent wants to sign the popular DJ to his record label, G-Unit.

According to TMZ, 50 has already put a three-album deal on the table. "The 'Jersey Shore' DJ met with Fiddy and his people in NYC last week--where they discussed the lucrative record deal...and also tossed around the idea of a Pauly D merchandise line, specifically Pauly D-brand headphones," the site reported after speaking with close sources. This absolutely needs to happen--we could really use new earbuds!

Photo courtesy of @DJPaulyD