Soundtrack Spotlight: KADEN's Music Is All About Finding Yourself

On last night's episode of "Real World: Las Vegas," Adam learned the hard way that his actions have consequences: Hard Rock was fed up with his behavior and they wanted him out. He'd isolated himself so much that, aside from Nany, he really had no one in the house who was sad to see him go. As he reluctantly left Sin City, the sounds of KADEN played in the background.

You might not be familiar with singer/songwriter KADEN, but you've probably heard his voice on a number of shows (his song, "Black Light," was featured on "The Hills"). Born and raised in Idaho, the young artist found inspiration from some major legends, like John Lennon, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Following high school he went to Los Angeles, where he continues to create singles (you can find them on iTunes) and make music videos. He's unsigned but currently in the studio recording more tracks and planning to go on tour. To stay posted on KADEN, you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the music video for "A Boy Like Me" (it's also the theme song to "The A-List: New York"), which deals with self-identity and getting lost in the shuffle...kinda like what happened to Adam. Plus, watch this exclusive interview with the artist where he talks getting the opportunity to be featured on "The Hills":

Photo: Gerry Garcia