VIDEO: Naomi And Leroy Candidly Discuss Their Relationship Potential

So far on this season of "Real World: Las Vegas," Leroy and Naomi have established a no-strings-attached relationship that's devoid of any drama...which is not to say it can't get more complicated later down the line (43 percent of you think it will), but for now, the only drama in the house involves Adam.

We caught up with the cast while they were backstage at tonight's after-show taping--check out a clip from our interview with Naomi, where she explains why she and Leroy work. You see, she's the type of girl that can handle friends-with-benefits scenarios, and she most certainly did not (read: did not!) come to Sin City to catch feelings. Given that, yeah, she would date Leroy at some point in the future. So, would he? Watch the second clip, where he says it's really the "process of elimination" that brought them together. Guess that's a no.