'Real World' Poll: Do You Think Adam Ever Loved Nany?

Adam and Nany's relationship never really had a fair shot: He started pursuing her while she was dating Jordy (who she wound up cheating on), not to mention, he had a sorta-girlfriend the entire time. So, it's not that much of a surprise that their spark completely stalled (well, more like "crashed and burned") on tonight's episode of "Real World: Las Vegas"--and just when Nany was starting to realize her true feelings for him, too.

Nany was heartbroken when Adam left Las Vegas--much more than he seemed to be. Do you think he ever really loved her? Take the poll, then watch a clip from our recent backstage interviews, where the former housemate says he feels really bad about the way he hurt Nany (finally the guy shows some remorse!) and he thinks if he stayed in Vegas they would've ended up in a serious relationship. Make sure you listen to her sentiments in the second clip. She's clearly still pissed.

Did Adam ever really love Nany?

  • Yes, he totally cared about her.
  • No. Adam's nothing more than a player.

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