Soundtrack Spotlight: Yeasayer Understand Uncontrollable Feelings

On tonight's episode of "My Life As Liz," our feisty heroine found herself at the mercy of Bryson's unannounced return to New York. What she thought was going to be a nice night out with Louis turned out to be an awkward and emotional run-in with her past. She's still not ready to mend her heart or move forward.

During the episode, the sounds of Brooklyn-based avant-pop band Yeasayer played in the background while Liz tried to make sense of her feelings. If you're not familiar with this band, they've been stirring up upbeat, experimental music that spreads a variety of genres. With two albums under their belt ("All Hour Cymbals" came out in 2007 and "ODD BLOOD" followed three years later) and some pretty awesome head nods within the music world (Jay-Z recently gave them a shout-out during his set at Coachella last year), this unpredictable trio is really making an impression.

Listen to the psychedelic sounds of their recent track, "O.N.E.," which dances around issues of addiction--something Liz's stubborn heart can certainly relate to.

Photo: Guy Aroch