PHOTO: Maci Bookout Is Reminded Of Her Positive Influence On Teens

With the abundance of media gossip about MTV's "Teen Mom" cast members' personal lives spiraling out of control, and the ongoing public discourse over whether or not the show glamorizes teen pregnancy, you could understand if Maci Bookout sometimes questions her decision to sign on for the first season of "16 and Pregnant" (her episode served as the series' premiere)--she relinquished her privacy in an effort to spread the message of prevention, but now she's often scrutinized for even the smallest decisions she makes (c'mon, don't pretend you didn't make a comment about her new hair color). But yesterday, Maci was reminded of just how important it is for her story to be documented when she opened up the New York Times and saw an article applauding these shows' efforts to educate the masses about the reality of teen and unplanned pregnancy.

A "Teen Mom" producer snapped the above shot of Maci, completely humbled as she took her time reading about how high school teachers are now using the program to address important topics with their students such as abstinence and safe sex. One teacher in particular is even using scenes from the episodes to prompt conversations about treating parents and romantic partners with respect. So cool, right? It makes all of us here at Remote Control incredibly proud to contribute to this important dialogue, and even more motivated to encourage more of your comments! DON'T STOP SHARING YOUR OPINIONS, YA HEAR? We really are listening.