'Hard Times' Poll: Do RJ and Jenny Make A Good Couple?

On tonight's episode of "Hard Times," the status quo at Pinkerton High was completely flipped on its head. Lily got rich and became sorta-popular, Jenny broke out with a serious case of acne (Robin Pretnar went a little too far, don't you think?) and for the first time, RJ Berger started to question whether or not he and his longtime crush were even compatible. In fact, he realized that the only thing he and Jenny had in common was a hypersensitivity to allergens and an affinity for over-the-counter antihistamines.

RJ's a geek and Jenny's a beauty queen, but does that mean they don't belong together? Take the poll and let us know if it's time for him to reevaluate his feelings for Jen.

Do RJ and Jenny make a good couple?

  • Yes, they're great together.
  • No. They are way too different.