Exclusive Interview: Kailyn Says She's Learned Not To Count On Family

On tonight's "Teen Mom 2 Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew," we witnessed a defensive Kailyn attempting (and failing) to downplay the hurt that Jo and his family--as well as her own mother and father--have caused her in the past, but even though she tried to act tough, it was obvious how much she misses having a support system in her life.

We caught up with Kailyn and Jo backstage at the show's taping to press her further on the topic of family, but the young mother just reiterated her stance that she'd rather be self-reliant than put herself through more disappointment. In the video below, Jo calmly tries to explain why it's worth putting forth the effort to nurture close ties with people, but Kailyn remains headstrong in her belief that being part of a family will ultimately cause her too much pain. Watch the clip, plus check out more of our exclusive interviews with the "Teen Mom 2" cast.