Hot Shots: See How Much Snooki Misses Her Crocadilly

What is it with Snooki and that hideous stuffed animal reptile whom she so lovingly refers to as Crocadilly? All season long, she snuggled with it in bed and lugged it around the house. She was so attached to the thing that she fell to her knees when it went missing (Vin pranked her by hanging it off the balcony!). So where is Sir Croc now? Still by her side! Well, sort of.

Earlier this month, she and boyfriend Jionni LaVelle went to LAX nighclub in Las Vegas to spread some wild spring break cheer. The "Jersey Shore" castie showed off her tan gams while posing for the paps, then ditched her man for an inflatable Crocadilly look-alike. Sorry, Little J, but it looks like Snooks is hotter for the Croc's Moby Dick!

Photos: Denise Truscello/WireImage, Josh Kessler